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Get Rave Reviews


Start with a Thank You card to your Client

Your clients are bombarded daily by ads, social media, email spam and robocalls.  Emails, text and social media comments don't encourage word of mouth referrals; sending links doesn't always result in reviews. While only 11% of emails get opened, following-up with a tangible, physical greeting card means it will get opened. 

  • Studies show that consumers are more likely to trust mail and the companies that use it over anything digital. In fact, 56% of people feel that print advertising is the most trustworthy form of marketing.
  • Less than 3% of people in business send thank you cards, yet it generates more referral business than any other single touch!
  • Use an easy app on your phone to send a personalized, handwritten card in the mail. You don't even have to buy a stamp.

Follow up with an Email Survey with Custom Review Links

  • We create for you a custom survey to email directly to your customer. It has direct links to your review sites.
  • After you've sent a card is the right time to send your survey...not before.  
  • We are affiliated with simple yet effective  SendOutCards but you can choose any app you prefer. Take 2 minutes to send a tangible touch in the mail and watch your business grow!