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About Susan M. Valeri

 Since 2001, Susan has been serving clients as a Master Virtual Assistant, Publicist and Marketing Specialist.  Her initial work assisting authors bloomed into a full service publicity agency founded in 2004. She promoted her clients across North America and many appeared on national radio and TV (CNN) and in publications such as Newsweek and USA Today. She also optimized her clients' websites to increase their website rankings. Her small business start-up advice and publicity tips were featured on many sites including (currently

During her online career, Susan co-hosted a women in business focused radio show, and co-founded an international all women speakers bureau in 2006. It was in this competitive business arena Susan discovered the power of Google Ads to help her clients and her company rise above the pack. She became certified in AdWords in 2009. Since that time Susan has worked for clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, church ministries, veterinary, food service, entertainment, law, home services, and education as well as the manufacturing sector.

In 2017 Susan and her family relocated to Florida, fulfilling a life-long dream. She continues to help businesses and non-profits gain visibility and more clients.

"Forge relationships with your clients by showing them who you really are. Let them know you care about them. When they grow, the rewards are endless." -- Susan Valeri

Client Reviews over the Years

  • On the first day of my new listing as well as yesterday and today, I actually received 3 calls for various listings!!! Talk about bringing value to my business. You fixed what was broke.  I didn’t capture all three but I did get one who wants to work with me. Win, win. Didn’t want to close out the day without sending my sincerest appreciation. Thank you, Mugsie Quinlan, GRI, Realtor
  • I have worked with Susan and consider her an important member of my team. Her knowledge of all things Google, in general, and Google AdWords, in particular, is unsurpassed. Her insight and intuition is an extremely valuable asset to me and to anyone in need of her services. She gets the job done with the right attitude and is a pleasure to work with.--Anthony Rahmanan, Karka Advisors
  • I had the pleasure with working with Susan, set up my webpage & facebook, and is always available for support, I highly recommend SMV Digital Marketing.--Wanda Noftle, Ellenton Cafe
  • My monthly AdWords bill has come down quite a bit while revenues have definitely increased. Overall I'm very happy with what Susan has done. She has always been very responsive and answered my numerous questions and emails in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her and her service. If it wasn't for Susan and AdWords, I wouldn't be in business today -- Rodger Craig, Rodger Craig Pump & Well Service 
  • Thank you so much Susan....I know how much you care, I sensed that from our first conversation.  I have to say in days all the services you worked on are on page 1....I am absolutely thrilled about it! -- Dr. Marilena Carano, The Wellness Group Aurora
  • Susan Valeri managed the online marketing of our veterinary hospital for several years. She has been able to increase our online presence and marketing potential considerably. She has elevated our website ranking to pages one and two of Google. She has increased our click-through rate of ads and keywords by 113% since April 2010.Our Google ads are consistently at positions 1 to 3 on the first page and have maintained maximum visibility. Almost 100% of AdWords visitors convert to the contact us page and click through costs have been maintained at a satisfactory level. We are very satisfied with Susan's efforts and would recommend her highly. -- Dr. Bernard Caplan, Annex Animal Hospital
  • Susan Valeri has been instrumental in bringing our search engine rankings to the top. Over the past two years we’ve seen a tremendous increase in traffic to our clinic websites, which show up on page one organically of Google for important keywords. Besides assisting with our organic search campaign, Susan is managing our Google AdWords pay per click Campaigns. With her help, the click-through-rate of our ads has consistently increased and almost 100 percent of site visitors convert to our “contact” page. Click through costs have been maintained or decreased for most clinics. Susan has also found new external links to our sites and monitored our Google Places accounts. Susan is very easy and friendly to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend her. -- Jon Shell, Managing Director (former), 
  • I am pleased to recommend Susan Valeri as an asset to any company. Over the past year and a half, I worked directly with Susan on optimizing our Internet presence through Google. Her services have greatly improved our ad visibility and performance, and we have been very pleased with the work she has done for us. By far the best marketing strategy decision we have made! Not only has our website been optimized through specific keywords and tags, but our organic ranking has increased significantly. We are thrilled with the results.  Susan is a wonderful business partner, with a great willingness to offer her help and I credit much of our success to her work! I recommend Susan without hesitation. -- Anne-Marie Saric, Clinic Manager,
  • There could be no more effective individual than Susan Valeri -- she offers superb services to those who require widespread representation throughout the country. Her excellence, personal style, reliability, warmth, and efficiency are valued and remarkable. -- Mark Nagler, Ph.D, Author of "What's Stopping You?" and "Yes You Can!"

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